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Is room market faced break down? Scholar: United States endowment is cast centra
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Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt, United States forest by group of international of annex, United States (AIG) be take-overed, the United States is new round of finance is queasy your " sub debt crisis " global influence is deepened further. Recently, shanghai landed bound comes out the information that orgnaization of many overseas investment is about to transfer the property in the hand, it is already " cold winter " the uneasiness that domestic estate company sensed deeper administrative levels.
Desire " cast " return be ashamed
Shanghai, in Xin Taifu 35 buildings, it is the office that Lei Man's brother is in Shanghai. Differ with other company, lei Man's brother is before the office door of Shanghai, did not have the mark content of any Lei Man's brother. There is a message to say before this, after Lei Man's brother applies for to go bankrupt, its Shanghai agency will by cancel, the office also will be retreated ahead of schedule hire. But in property office expresses Xin Taifu, had not received Lei Man's brother to be about to retreat the message that hire.
On September 22 morning 11 when, when the reporter comes to this agency, happen to sees two foreign nationality personages of this company are carrying boot disease pace to enter the office. When the reporter is about to enter a company to interview, this company expresses to did not make an appointment downstage cannot help connection. In fact, the reporter ever called this company connection to interview for many times, but all receive without the person hear a telephone call. According to saying downstage, did not receive any announcements at present, the Shanghai agency that says Lei Man's brother will by cancel, at present the company has not appeared the phenomenon that extensive staff is dismissed.
The landed business that Dan Leiman's brother is like to had begun to be its China is searched " next homes " . A few days ago, lei Man's brother announces, the equity of mansion of business of Shanghai blessing brine that transfers its to have.
2007, lei Man's brother and strategy of Hong Kong capital invest (0497.HK) jointly, take a tall building of blessing brine business that is located in Sichuan north road with 450 million yuan price, at present this project already more the name is edifice of Cheng Bangguo border, undertake enrolling business external. Be in charge of this project enrolling business to express what rent about chief, lei Man's brother is small shareholder only in the project, and the investment fund of the project already reached the designated position entirely, of Lei Man's brother go bankrupt to this project, the influence is finite.
Besides Lei Man's brother, of hearsay of undersell of defect of near future body still have beautiful Lin Ji the United States such as round, Magenshidanli is famous cast row. Market personage discloses to the reporter, big rub in Shanghai the whole thing Ceng Yong has had nearly 10 projects, accumulate investment to be as high as one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, property type pervades commerce, office, high-grade residence. Current, in the center of mouth of home of heaven and earth of bright and beautiful Lin, land the project such as Xia Dou of apartment, Mount Hua is undersell.
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