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Shanghai house price appears 5 years to come the biggest drop July all price fal
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Shanghai, the likelihood is in the last stronghold of price of this China house to will been captured by the market in July.

Research organization of an authoritative market passes pair of Shanghai governments " net main rooms is landed " building dish data undertakes statistic is analysed, discover Shanghai commodity house is new July dish clinch a deal the area drops compared to the same period 69% , annulus comparing drops 32% , the month clinchs a deal all valence annulus is compared drop 24% .

The report that this orgnaization forms accordingly is special point out, although be put in abiogenesis element, but this of 24% drop, already was July 2005 since Shanghai room value is the greatest annulus comparing drops, also be this 3 years new since round of adjusting control the biggest drop.

Statistic shows, july, the building city of 19 area of Shanghai clinchs a deal on the watch one " green meaning " . Clinch a deal the area grows without one area compared to the same period, fall panel height is amounted to most probably above person have Pu Tuo (- 90% ) , rainbow mouth (- 90% ) , Huang Pu (- 88% ) , Yang Pu (- 87% ) with Min Hang (- 85% ) before waiting for 5 important.

And August, according to Shanghai data of research center of bless power estate, although clinch a deal on average,price annulus picks up than small, but clinch a deal the quantity still lasts low fan, fall compared to the same period nearly 70% .

Meanwhile, building city deadlock also begins whole long three-cornered break. July, the commodity house of Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Nanchang clinchs a deal the volume falls compared to the same period be as high as 68% respectively, 47% , 58% with 58% . Say inside course of study, market of whole of second half of the year is fatigued and weak a few into finality.

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