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3 course are handed in open corridor of gold of economy of the Beijing since 10
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Stage of abundant of be well versed in, rising sun, Haidian 3 old the city zone, join ZhongGuanCun, inferior abstruse, CBD, Yan Sha, airport 5 big important node, solve 3 yuan of ZhongGuanCun, bridges, CBD to have the pain that block up... this on the weekend, branch line of 10 lines first phase, Olympic Games and airport orbit will open the subway at the same time try move. At the appointed time, course of development of Beijing orbit operation will achieve 200 kilometers, operation circuitry achieves 8, cover 10 areas county, the network effect of Beijing orbit traffic is initial show. And the subway of the ZhongGuanCun since join and CBD 10 lines, it is for capital thing ministry important economy area is worn more rose " gold corridor " .

Solve key area to embrace block up strand

"Need not go to work at long last like a long march of ten thousand lie. " for loose to living in interest Xiaoli, mentioned in the past on the road when going to work embrace headache. Because the unit is in peace, the bus that Xiaoli wants to take 3 annulus to go up first everyday again change 5 lines. Because block a car up, the run that lets have more than 10 kilometers only originally should cost 1 half hours normally. Before 10 line building, the experience that still has a lot of people and Xiaoli is similar.

Take car and change case according to what announce at present, the Beijing since 10 lines be well versed in embraces the subway twice a key area -- the CBD of the ZhongGuanCun western and the eastpart part, and will be in know spring road and 13 lines, in Olympic Games park and Olympic Games branch line, in Hui Xinxi street and 5 lines, in 3 yuan of bridges and airport fast track, in CBD and subway a line implements change, improved the traffic condition of these areas greatly, also will alleviate upper 3 annulus and 4 annulus, the eastpart part 3 annulus and the traffic pressure of 4 annulus.

Puissant aid push the building rents the market

"After 10 lines are enlightened, I at least the cost renting a house that every month can save near 2000 yuan. " in the country Miss Sun that company of some imports and exports goes to work is in trade " east forum of annulus 18 (resembles book door model the news between example) (Examine a map) " hire every months 5000 yuan one-room flat residence. The message that 10 lines are about to open the subway recently let her arise to change the intention of the room.

Be opposite through be being compared with all possible means, she chose sun palace finally around " the country is exhibited new (forum resembles book door model video of the news between example) (Examine a map) " a every months of 3000 yuan clothbound repairs one-room flat. Because here is apart from the subway,palace of 10 lines sun stands only 5-6 minute distance, by the subway 10 lines go to work 15 minutes less than can arrive unit. Miss Sun expresses, prepare the friend that in the subway 10 lines along the line changes a room so like her very much.
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