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Shanghai " outer circulation " aggravate ground of triumphant heart buy evens mo
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Foreign capital enters the pace of Chinese estate market to did not stop. The estate with the biggest southeast Asia appears on the market one of companies, ground of fine heart buy is in Singapore ground of triumphant heart buy announces wholy-owned subsidiary of China external, recently with one office building project of 3.34 billion yuan of price general Beijing, make over Sai Kai asset to run limited company (Sky Property Management Limited) . This one off shore trades clinch a deal the price, if eliminated later period to throw cost to wait all, 1.837 billion yuan of photograph when with 3 years of Qian Kaide buy ground buys this property is compared, in the earn on Zhang face 800 million yuan.

Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for area of place of Cong Kaide buy to be informed, group already with trade to just come to an agreement, singapore Hua Lei controls a private limited company the one first class office building of Beijing of indirect hold of the equity of 100% and this company triumphant heart edifice, with 3.34 billion yuan price, sell one's own things grants to think of triumphant asset to run a company. The data shows, the triumphant heart edifice that is located in group of trade of CBD of area of Beijing rising sun is comprised by two 35 office building, floor area is 107627 square metre. This project original name is in center of annulus world trade, was bought by ground of triumphant heart buy 2005. When be being bought at the outset, still be in in building, ground of triumphant heart buy ever in a planned way is in 2006 after completion, regard a group as the admiral project in Beijing its.

According to divulging, rental rate already amounted to the triumphant heart edifice of 90% , be chased after already by each capital hold in both hands, numerous company extends olive actively to want to buy. because of this, lin Mingyan of president of land of triumphant heart buy expresses, make over this do not belong to " in commercial program " . He points out, have cession decision, advocate if consider,can trade through this steam again capital, in order to be thrown in other item construction.

Ground of triumphant heart buy has 16 projects to be run at the same time in Beijing at present, total investment is 15 billion yuan about. Group respect says, the group company that considers triumphant asset to run a company is 500 strong companies of world, buy after finishing the company headquarters that will regard its as to be in China edifice of Beijing triumphant heart.

Ground of fine heart buy says, this are bought make the group produces about 498 million Yuan Xinyuan's cash to flow, make a balance sheet farther strengthen thereby.

Intermediate measures Chen Limin of director of district of couplet travel Asia-Pacific to think, ground of triumphant heart buy still is in when buying an item build a course, this to overseas financing, mean very big risk sex namely. "The bargainor is being built sound program and action business had after finishing, make investment return rate tends stable, fall the risk at the same time to low-level. For the fund of low to be particular about risk, express more easily to this kind of project ' favour ' . "
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