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Sufferring from fatigue to be equal to is contribution- - duty field preferment
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On on-the-job field, sufferring from fatigue to be equal to is contribution, enterprise most the talent of appreciation, it is to want can " Workhard, worksmart, workhappy " 3 person the person that have both.

Every arrive in year, reminded everybody to arrive again namely when ego summary works first half of the year, not only the director begins to make assessment for subordinate, the individual also must review the performance that sums up this half an year to behave, regard second half of the year as the reference that tries hard afresh.

most the person that work hard is in charge of appreciate certainly? 3 standards or license consult in order to provide authority as: "WorkHard " , "WorkSmart " , "WorkHappy " . You are very work hard, but joyless? Is the means that you work insufficient Where is Smart? Share a story with everybody here, can give authority probably a few inspire.

Duty field preferment is done so that be inferior to be being done opportunely more

Same place school, same graduation is the same as a major to have different result however into an enterprise

2006 summer, xiaolin and small beauty are graduated from the business management major of same place university, entered same home medium-sized company, hold the position of the job of layout commissioner. Xiaolin works hard diligent and conscientious of serious, deal with concrete matters relating to work, often stay automatically to work overtime for the company, the job comes off work to very late ability. Where is small beauty? See her only everyday giggle, the job is comfortable happy, can look for a director to chat actively everyday, to the person one kind follows the impression with director very good feeling.

After a year, small beauty obtains director appreciate be able to preferment, and appoint with important task, xiaolin just obtains symbolistic raises to encourage. This lets Xiaolin feel exceeding inequity, think little beautiful job does not have him again serious, meet only fawn on take director horse wind, by what performance assessment better than her instead? And still get the put sb in a very important position of company and director. Oneself are paid for the company a lot of, do not have job of sunset night ground to work overtime, get all in vain instead, gave resignation then.

"Crab " incident proves to be done so that be inferior to be being done opportunely more

With respect to the last day that works in Xiaolin, general manager looks for small Lin Ken to talk. Just the Mid-autumn Festival was gotten on for, what is the company buying in the consideration does the gift give a client mid-autumn? General manager says: "Xiaolin, can run in order to ask you to 巿 field, look to sell a crab? " in small Lin Xin very interrogative, why to know to want her to run this? Because this is not her responsible job. But she or the requirement that darling according to is in charge of, build a taxi to drive aquatic product to 巿 field.
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