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Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking: The first high-rise faces rental dif
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Want to be in 12 years short adduction is answered be as high as 8.2 billion yuan of investment, mere lease goes " the whole world the first high-rise " half floor is insufficient.

On August 28, center of 492 meters Shanghai round-the-world banking opens the door formally pay customer.

Dark edifice company limited (the following abbreviation " dark edifice " ) president dark harvested to achieve the commitment 1993 finally. This makes the Japanese businessman with most skyscraper, good for the lid this building around spent 15 years of time, cost 8.3 billion yuan. If do not calculate,appear on the stage north go up 101 times fine fine fastigium, round-the-world banking center will be become " the whole world the first high-rise " . In the investment fund of whole property, the investment of partner and loan of bank financial group are occupied each 50% . Sen Renle view predicts, inside 12 years but disinvestment.

Just, what the building of round-the-world banking center brings is not total it is good news. The report says, the first day when open business in round-the-world banking center, its on in former days Shanghai " the first altitude " Jin Mao edifice takes guest action with respect to occurrence delicacy some.

In fact, round-the-world banking him center pressure also not likely is small.

According to an agential introduction, from last year hire beforehand in year begin, dark the edifice is behaved quite toughly. They go to day hire drive up 20 yuan not only / square metre (the report that goes by Dai Deliang, the average day hire of office building of Shanghai first class is 9.62 yuan / square metre) , do not be willing to search tenement through intermediary even when let, however more the global client natural resources that depends on oneself. Calm high price also not without the basis, because they know, came 2009 2010 the supply of first class office building of area of land home mouth regain low, achieve equilibrium of supply and demand.

But, dark the edifice discovers very quickly, their global client natural resources is in Shanghai and can not produce effect completely. The company of a lot of tenement that they have in abroad has not enter Chinese market, perhaps establish the delegate orgnaization with lesser dimensions in China only at present. Existing client should digest the office building area of 220 thousand square metre, still have certain difficulty.

Subsequently and a crisis that come also threw into confusion dark the original plan of the edifice. Intermediate measures Chen Limin of director of district of couplet travel Asia-Pacific to express, from the United States second since borrowing crisis happening, american enterprise especially American finance orgnaization, narrowed the office area that leases surely formerly, still partial enterprise cancelled to remove even the plan of the office. In practice that day, sen Renye admits, the area of more original requirement reduced the office area that partial client leases finally half, "Demonstrative United States second the influence that lends the crisis still exists. " dark harvest say.
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