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Global commerce real estate trades first half of the year the volume drops great
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On August 2, the Beijing nation trade below sunshine 3 period advocate tower (left) building of as new as the CCTV site (right) set each other off becomes an interest. Beijing is at present highest building -- the country that is as high as 330 meters trade 3 period advocate decorate outside the tower finished a few days ago, integral appearance is shown before common people. Country trade 3 period total investment restrains 800 million dollar, after project building will with the country trade first phase, 2 period the modern building that makes 1.1 million square metre together group. Hair of China News Service chases after a shadow to photograph

Beijing of China News Service on August 6 report (reporter Ruan Yulin) the report of global capital flow that couplet of quantity of intermediate of orgnaization of service of global major real-estate issues today all right shows, global commerce estate trades first half of the year this year the volume drops compared to the same period 4 into, investment approachs the level 3 years ago, only -223201280 dollars. But investment of Chinese house property trades the capacity is presenting an ascendant trend.

Although clinch a deal the amount is small fan, the globalization trend of estate does not have a change however, the investment that cross a state still holds whole to trade 45% of the quantity. Intermediate measures StuartCrow of chief inspector of market of capital of couplet travel Asia to express, trade the main reason that the volume drops is global credit market is not stable, loan channel is decreasing, and leasehold cost is raising however. A lot of buyer do not wish or assume the house price level last year feebly, and the bargainor also does not want to reduce expectation cost. The state of be locked in a stalemate of buyers and sellers arises from this, on large-scale project this kind of phenomenon is highlighted particularly.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, in recent years, because leasehold cost is relative inferior, estate trades the quantity innovates repeatedly tall. As global commerce guaranty assures of the break downing of security market and leasehold cost rise generally, before the investor with those financing higher proportion exits estate market in succession. Meanwhile, the global economy that faces quickness to put delay, appear devalueing house property and the tall expectation to yield, of all kinds investor becomes more careful.

Intermediate measures Zhong Deyao of president of couplet travel Shenzhen to express, although global capital flow puts delay, but before those who raise money quite fund of partial house property still goes out without investment, make these investor zealous still equal investment opportunity is sought actively in China. House property investment of China trades the capacity is presenting an ascendant trend, future this kind of posture will still continue.
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