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Guangzhou: Estate invests pattern for a long time to did not see shake
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Guangzhou: Estate invests pattern for a long time to did not see shake: To fold of neck  admire "  ┚ ?

Fry room group to begin from Wen Zhou, the form of objective of greatly small investment is active all the time at each big city, the Shenzhen last year buys room group is the heat that let Guangzhou person close quarters experience fortune more, consequently Shenzhen buys room group to also become Guangzhou house price to go up considerably for a time " culprit " one of. But, from last year " 11 " begin after gold, investment objective falls as encountering wind sees like dominoes effect however, the country hits the view that presses estate investment to also be received 2

Even 3 appear. Be in new politics below new condition, can investment estate still win rich and generous get one's own back? The answer is affirmative, just return rate and redound cycle will return relatively rational level, half an year goes up one times, the myth that 2 months earn period of turn one's head won't emersion.

   Buy only best: "Guest of a person of extraordinary powers " run amuck for a time

Begin from 2006, guangzhou building city greeted a batch to buy the home nobly, from Pearl River new city arrives flower, from time Yu arrives from change, footmark spreads all over each whole Guangzhou area, this wind continues to 2007 all the time " 11 " the golden week. There is on these guest person invisible but conspicuous label: Shenzhen buys room group, skill experts is unified style: Be bought even if 23 and do not care price to be bought only best. According to saying, in Shenzhen person " in a large-scale " march the flourishing period of Guangzhou, shenzhen passenger source occupied Guangzhou many new dish of 1 / that buys the home 5 the left and right sides. Be in most the An Yuandong area that nears Shenzhen, some building Pan Youchao crosses new pool of 20% buying the home is Shenzhen guest, some dish leave newly form a delegation push carry out 200 units, shenzhen guest occupied the 50% above of the gross that buy the home. Last year in year, many buildings dish it is to roll out more " Shenzhen person buys room indulgence month " or " Shenzhen passenger special performance " .

For a short while, think Guangzhou house price " super material benefit " Shenzhen guest is bought the home by Guangzhou " condemn both in speech and writing " , shenzhen guest more become what excessive whirlwind raises Guangzhou floor price " culprit " one of.

Meanwhile, guangzhou building city is swelled a few years not to drop only continuously, rigid demand has add without decrease, adjusting control policy often is become " air conditioning " , full earthen bowl of basin of earn of the person that fry a building is full, the investment that buy a building makes everybody's accepted the the safest, quickest investment way, the team that invests a guest then is rapid augment, fry the home to enlarge rich family to be versed in well to income again from major firewood a group of things with common features. It is brandish is worn everywhere on the market the person that money wants to buy a building, 10 have 89 is investment objective among the person that buy, and next homes that invest a guest basically also are investment objective. For a short while, wait for a good price to sell sits the ethos of the price since the ground diffuses to come in whole market, more travel quickly from skill market secondhand the market.
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