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Medium east the opportunity that take unscrambles market of office building of i
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Medium east the opportunity that take unscrambles market of office building of investment CBD area in the round: This ┬ vinegar extends ナ come to an agreement "  old show treats quail of ⒔ of Sui of  discharge ancient wine vessel to censure the 6 stature markets such as BD of  of  of dogwood of compose of ⑹ of two of  of frame ⒍  .
Among them the office building area that CBD is the most fetching attention. Market of CBD office building is the hottest be in again CBD core area, communication is easy all round core area, establishment is perfect, the environment is beautiful, business affairs atmosphere is grumous. Be located in found a state door Wai Street and east 3 annulus fall meeting point, namely " gold is crossed " northeast side, its limits Xi Qidong the road in 3 annulus, knitting road reachs east, face south found a state road, north depends on brilliance road, cover an area of about 30 hectare. The finance with famous international, commerce, telegraphic, information seeks advice wait for a company to gather hereat, wait for famous transnational corporation and international organization to be established here in succession like company of Swiss bank, Paris bank, Motolora, HP handle affairs orgnaization.
Number of a newest statistic shows, in the whole world among 500 strong transnational corporation, already had 185 investment coming to Beijing, investment project in all 355, investment amount 12.26 billion dollar, those who hold investment of Beijing actual foreign trader 1/3 the left and right sides, beijing has become the economy that cross a state to be in China the city with most branch, among them CBD is 500 strong companies most the area that gather together. This number makes clear, as China in the world the position is more and more significant, be sure to more 500 strong companies come China establish a branch, because CBD has formed environment of mature business affairs of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, 500 have the world by force about 100 be in by force CBD establishs office orgnaization, its are right finance, law, seek advice, of the relevant industry such as public relations pull touch effect very apparent, this area becomes the place of the first selection of foreign enterprise necessarily. But at present this area has 20 probably in the office building project that build, decrease stage by stage as what CBD core area can use land resource, these 20 projects more and more become business of domestic and international strength to must compare the place that contend for.
These projects, all be high-quality goods, each has his strong point, but understand these projects truly, still these keywords from CBD office building begin.
Ground mark Landmark
CBD is the calling card of Beijing, country the ground mark that trade is CBD. In last few years, the contention about mark of CBD new ground is bubbling with noise, below the condition that development business knows to product function hasten is the same as, who won this one title, who had a stratagem which ensures success of sale, who with respect to race to control the commanding elevation of the market. The result of this kind of competition is every project it is high-quality goods, drove the promotion of character of whole of project of CBD core area consequently. But at present, have a trade having a state of ground mark v/arc a person's status truly. From level of facilities of international consequence, integrated facilities, service each respect is measured, still nobody can give its right, become new generation to get run the spokesman of figure of Beijing international business affairs.
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