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Industrial and commercial does total bureau undertake to foreign investment hous
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Industrial and commercial does total bureau undertake to foreign investment house property survey brews new adjusting control? :

The industrial and commercial branch of each district is cooperating a country industrial and commercial the special subject survey that total bureau undertakes the foreign trader invests estate market. A few days ago, understanding of our newspaper reporter comes here a job is already formal spread out, the personage inside course of study thinks governmental this action is to fulfil building city further this year " outside be restricted " policy prepares.

"Administration of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is industrial and commercial bureau: Ask seasonable interiorly to inform a column of download " the urgent announcement that undertakes special subject survey about investing estate market to the foreign trader " ! " by December 2007, by the country a announcements of hang out of endowment bureau website caused industrial and commercial total outside reporter attention.

Reporter from the country endowment bureau understands industrial and commercial total outside, this urgent survey basically is in charge of by place of guidance of foreign capital bureau, and survey job has been in each district The Ministry of Commerce and Industry undertakes in the door, nevertheless foreign capital bureau concerns a personage with " in-house work " for, reject to disclose the specific content of survey and progress rate.

And work to survey, industrial and commercial branch of the place also closely guard a secret. The industrial and commercial branch of two ground of Beijing of report of reporter Ceng Zhi and Shanghai enquires survey circumstance, but the staff member of two ground all expresses, this survey belongs to interior of system of industrial and commercial management to work at present, inconvenience leaves to grandfather, also have person at the same time " it is the inside data collect of each district of the end of the year only " , not be the investigation that publicizes external.

Nevertheless, to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry this action falls to take seriously very inside course of study. In fact, have a state industrial and commercial the personage of total bureau expresses to the reporter, contact the survey of each district so commonly, just one " take the lead " , but a few item that often involve much branch to cooperate -- this is alluding this it seems that second survey and nearly two years central much ministries and commissions checks the circumstance of estate adjusting control, circumstance that brews act of further adjusting control at the same time to agree at the same time.

The case that a personage inside the job that approachs a government discloses to newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities also is in it seems that test and verify afore-mentioned stating. Introduce according to him, the country is industrial and commercial this survey announcement shows bureau of total bureau foreign capital, be last year on November 26 with respect to protocol, and he himself also just will joined organization of ministry of a construction in November last year in the light of " outside be restricted " the survey that policy fulfils a circumstance is met, "So my individual feels foreign capital of survey of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry also is to should know building town ' outside be restricted ' fulfil a circumstance, if be fulfilled badly, future gives new policy possibly still. Future gives new policy possibly still..
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