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Second line city invests accrual of heat office building to be able to be amount
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Second line city invests accrual of heat office building to be able to amount to into below one real estate 9% : Cervine  brushs  quail to brag  card illuminate fund of estate of busy 腄 EGI released a few days ago " market of Chinese office estate considers to report " show, second line city will become next real estate to invest heat.

This report says, china replaced Germany to make the world 2008 the trend of system of the 3rd old economy is inevitable, together with did not come to China 5 years each living population of big city will maintain high speed growth, this will make Chinese real-estate industry is full of an opportunity.

"Type of Chinese all estate is in the status that seeks for be less than, this is the mainest reason of on the high side of Chinese landed price. " Thomas Beyerle of total analyst of DEGI landed fund says.

This report shows, although China is of all kinds now landed project has very big demand, but handle official bussiness among them landed demand gap is most huge. The investigation of DEGI shows, amount of area of office building of Chinese average per capita still goes with European photograph very far.

Thomas Beyerle explanation says, "Be in a relatively mature banking center, for example the area of office of average per capita of Frankfurt is 18.6 square metre. Although according to the area of office of average per capita that horizontal city Prague waits for in Europe 1.42 square metre are calculated, the demand with prospective Beijing landed to handling official bussiness area will achieve about 16.76 million square metre, but Beijing is 5.69 million square metre only now, will for a long time see the gap that has 11.07 million square metre. "

"The investment of Chinese office building still belongs to new channel in estate investment field. " department director Mr Zhuo Ji happy is opposite office building of Dai Deliang travel reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions says, "Passageway of this one investment still is in ascendant initiative place, but the head leaves well. "

This report still points out, the landed project that can invest in city of a gleam of is already opposite and finite, and yield also can be reduced stage by stage. DEGI is right the investigation of city of 15 a gleam of of Asian shows, market net yield is the office real estate of the Beijing of chinese mainland area, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively 6.22% , 6.60% , 8.00% with 7.25% , among them only the office building hire of Beijing drops, 3 place still are in other rise.

"Investor should change the line of sight to second line the city now, to long-term investor, there are tremendous opportunity and higher income over there. " Dr. Thomas Beyerle points out, according to the research of DEGI, in the city of 8 China second line that is investigated, before office building yield is listed 3 is Tianjin, Chengdu and Nanjing respectively, it is 7%-14% , 11%-13% , 7%-9% respectively.
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