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The " outside Hubei of 35 billion foreign capital builds building nation or will
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The " outside Hubei of 35 billion foreign capital builds building nation or will publishing " to be restricted is new politics: Pen of admire Ji harmony  " ど sighs?007 of Piao of  of sword of badger of illicit of α of sluggish corrode aning enclosure for storing grain year on November 30, the foreign trader is 6.8 billion yuan in the investment dimensions of Wuhan building city. Hubei saves a foreign trader to invest building city total dimensions to be 4.8 billion dollar, amount to RMB is controlled for 35 billion yuan. "

Hubei saves foreign capital of industrial and commercial bureau to be in offerred data to show, the foreign number that visits investment building town completely is 486, investment amount is 4.8 billion dollar about, add up to a RMB about 35 billion yuan. Project of dimensions of investment of Wuhan foreign trader was 8 1 last year, involve foreign company 63, investment amount is 6.858 billion yuan, dimensions of city of building of investment of Wuhan foreign capital holds complete province about 19% , the foreign trader is in Chinese 12.6% what invest building city dimensions to take the throughout the country.

The statistical result that saves statistical bureau according to Hubei shows: Dimensions of city of building of Wuhan of foreign capital investment grew to be about 2006 compared to the same period 2007 400% .

And the corresponding period, 1-11 month was total dimensions of investment of countrywide foreign trader about 2007 3.2 trillion yuan, use foreign capital among them 53.9 billion yuan, dimensions does not calculate big, but increase rate is as high as 72% .

Liang Chun of general manager of company of adviser of industry of travel of Wuhan motivation couplet thinks, wuhan city foreign capital invests building city to have 6.8 billion yuan only, do not calculate big, restrict these foreign capital investment, taking the effect of situation to Wuhan estate value is finite.

Liang Chun says, the foreign capital in the shifty on Wuhan estate market is far more than these, channel of foreign capital investment is very much, current statistical data is " bright " , namely of statistic is company of normal foreign capital investment. And the capital that invests estate through subterranean old-style Chinese private bank and other channel should be more than this amount far. What the government can restrict also is these " bright " , and " dark " foreign capital is bad fortify.

Analyse of bridge spring equinox thinks, this investigation basically is " nip in the bud " , those who communicate is a signal, namely the nation is not urged to city of building of foreign capital investment, but the faith that this invests building city to foreign capital is influential. Appreciate in the RMB, below the setting that the dollar depreciates, the dollar comes in great numbers, much hot money invests all sorts of industries through all sorts of channel. And the capital that enters estate is returned in total value at present is not particularly big, but if do not have corresponding policy, heating up Qian Jin to enter the influence of building city is very terrible.
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