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Jin Delong villa office to create a new life business
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In Shaoxing city, you have experienced, "villa-style office" business life? You can understand, "villa-style office buildings," the charm of it? Jin Delong located north of the city of Shaoxing City, villa-style office building mechanical and electrical hardware, allowing you to find To answer. The office has full private space, interior and bold and creative personality, more office space than the plate highlight the identity and status, so that occupiers of the strength, personality, tastes, wealth, find the corresponding one by one Point. Looking at the existing office buildings in Shaoxing, the low volume of green rate and high rate of basic features. The Jin Delong villa office, refused to monotonous office space, office ideas aerobic life, the introduction of ornamental plants will be 8.8 meters Seasons Sunshine Chambers, who settled in time to keep the fresh vision, is difficult to achieve high-rise office buildings. Jin Delong villa daily operation of office as the company's full-featured platform, spatial function and strive to the maximum extent possible to meet the growth needs of SMEs. 5.8 +3.0 m double frame magic space, free sub- Cut, combined, can open up high-ceilinged boutique showroom area can also arrange business negotiations, but also set the creative design studio, but can be divided into open areas and dining areas, enjoy the business to create a colorful life. Jin Delong German town of villa-like buildings, with 12 BLOCK block courtyard, according to the theme park is divided into different environments, the current characteristics of home improvement industrial park, "Design of the park," businesses have been gradually entered office, for Foreign trade, culture, media, education and training, art photography, architectural design industries investment work is in full swing.