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The engineer buys room " to break arrest of the desert after offerring " to pass
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The engineer buys a house " break for " be detained
Did not pay one many year mortgage a paragraph, by the court desert is returned after subpoena. 14 days, one is broken for owner place of court of people of sea area be preciousinged jade by Hefei city detains 15 days with judicatory.
Wang Mou of 33 years old faced a coin in provincial capital 2005 a 152 bridal chamber of smooth rice were purchased on the road, head pay more than yuan 90 thousand, loan more than yuan 360 thousand, but handed in a few period after mortgaging a paragraph, begin " break for " , had not paid one many year up to now mortgage reimbursement, capital adds penalty due to breach of contract to add accrual to already amounted to more than yuan 40.
The bank is held have the writ of creditor's rights notarization that carries out effectiveness compulsively to apply for to be carried out compulsively to the court. Come one many year, the court comes to did not find Wang Mou for many times, find him once, he reachs summon to court court, wang Mou escaped actually. This year on October 14, the court receives clew to be informed Wang Mou to return Hefei, pass its limit the court. Wang Mou says, oneself are an engineer, on the outer building site between time-sharing of the greater part in a year, come home rarely. Because privately does the project money of the project to do not have settle, capital catenary was broken, had done not have money to hand in housing to mortgage a paragraph.
At present court already according to relevant program, undertook assessment to Wang Mou's bridal chamber, evaluate value to be 486 thousand yuan. If Wang Mou cannot take money to pay,mortgage paragraph and bank to reach reconcile, so the bridal chamber that next courts will auction him. Additional, the acceptance when Wang Mou divorces also did not pay 200 thousand yuan of compensation ex-wife, in also be being carried out compulsively.
In view of nonperformance of Wang Mou refus legal obligation also does not cooperate a court to undertake executive, hefei city preciouses jade the punishment that court of sea area people made judicatory detain 15 days to its.
The engineer buys room " to break arrest of the desert after offerring " to pass 15 days detain to offer by Shanghai office building net after bringing to justice avoid duty statement:
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