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Shanghai Olympic garden 8.17 open quotation
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Shanghai Olympic garden -- blue bank Paris is about to be in on August 17 open quotation, roll out 100 multilayer room source; Advocate lay the room two houses that control for 85 ㎡, wrong layer; The small double entry that 2 148 ㎡ control every attic, send attic gazebo; The room is made before August 30, 2009. Blue bank Paris that roll out is multilayer garden foreign room builds landscape house for clothbound entirely, two houses total prices 850 thousand, head pay 20% , the nearly 90% rate that get a house. The collection since August 8 buys room intent gold 50 thousand yuan / portion, intent gold is handed in to divide before August 10 enjoy Ao Long conference member buys a house times doubler outside privilege, open quotation sent 2 square again that day, highest privilege can amount to 200 thousand yuan!
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