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Intensify unused land dealing tomorrow two years estate supply soars
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Dispatch of new wall bulletin (reporter Huang Ying) because the country intensifies estate the processing of unused land, the estate that forces the whole nation to make an appointment with 1.1 billion square metre may want to be built in the start working inside a year with the ground, huge estate supply will be in future appears inside 9 years. A few days ago, travel China area lives DTZ Dai Deliang integratedly to served director Jiang Shang Li to leak afore-mentioned information curtilage. But he also expresses, chinese building city still can be not valued.

Jiang Shangli provided a group of breathtaking investigation data, 1998-2007 year an estate that development business buys in the whole nation achieve 2.8 billion square metre with the ground, but what enter construction phase at present is only 1.7 billion square metre, the land that has not develop amounts to 1.1 billion square metre. And make clear in the announcement that the intensive that the State Council at the beginning of 2008 allots uses land point out land is unused will be called in two years by free completely, unused will collect gold of land sell one's own things what do not arrive one year two years completely the unused cost of 20% ; And time of development of in principle of project of house of commodity of provision of contract of sell one's own things of access of new edition land is the longest must not exceed 3 years. This means supply of short-term building city very big.

Nevertheless, jiang Shangli thinks, this does not mean Chinese estate market to be not valued. Above all, below tie of negative interest rate, the dweller is sure to seek the investment channel of the appreciation that keep a cost, after predicting market look forward to is firm, what building city will attract capital afresh is large-scale enter; Next, chinese city changed rate general to break through the level of 63% 2025, 2008-2025 year the city changes a process to will be accelerated ceaselessly, predict to increase town housing demand newly 14 billion square metre, standing fast below the circumstance of red line of 1.8 billion mus of farmland, market of prospective commodity house will maintain the situation that demand exceeds supply for a long time; Finally, the rapid development of economy of China of benefit from benefit from, 2015-2025 year will greet middle class times, predict to add family of 150 million middle classes newly, among them be pregnant with is worn the huge demand that change a room.

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