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Dominant position of market of banking of group of trade of line of link of Beij
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Since a period, company of group of large company of " of head of the word in " of market of office building sale is contended for grab alone the phenomenon of office building is shown with each passing day. As we have learned, north is international of the center of boreal annulus international of 3 link along the line, gold bay, Desheng international, round-the-world center 2 period wait a lot of the project of business affairs office building that enter town or is about to join city, will sell policy to these can " digests " alone the client tilts, some is flat reject to come loose a sale.

It is reported, business of state-owned resource rig is mixed as resource forestall RMB appreciation, in international trade settle accounts, those who realized capital to accumulate is the biggest change, in the meantime, national endowment appoint give out a file to protect value rise in value to undertake be quantifyinged in the round assessing to the capital operation of the enterprise central recently, it is state-owend enterprise tycoon is purchased but the asset of appreciation the main motive force with property of enterprise of buy of strong sth used to one's own advantage.

The research report of people bank points out: As this money appreciate, the world 500 strong the rate that enters Chinese market is increasing ceaselessly, rich of Olympic Games, world meeting and and the long-term growth of Chinese economy anticipates offerred best chance to be entered this kind.

The large company of the business crossing a state that enters China and China is to having a few years normally, the old company of on hundred years history, seasoned on office optional location. The expert of institute of people bank finance thinks: Landed development business of China should have the view of internationalization, analyse the optional location demand of transnational corporation and big company seriously, manage market sale, manage pressure in order to dissolve from what tight monetary policy brings.

Dai Deliang thinks all right: The enterprise that cross a state understands regular meeting problem when having business affairs optional location: Be suitably property above all? When optional location, transnational corporation fears the ground is leakage quite dropped optional building dish, namely suitably property did not include to be inside equipment options order. After this is meant the ground any related to optional location the ground is decision-making not be best. Next, be the idealest price? Ground of business affairs property is rented or be to buy made company expenses land substantial, sign the contract that hire carry out to suffer a policymaker to pay close attention to fully with suitably price. The 3rd, spend in time with company language? Every company has his differently culture, suit property of business affairs of ground of our company culture because of when this is choosing, be about to consider, this kind of culture includes company image and each different function branch to ask to ground of different office condition ground difference. The 4th, get used to need of company growing land? The expands whether possibility can get used to company business and personnel change of space of business affairs property also is one of consideration elements. Grow as company land, whether can business affairs property get used to an employee to increase bring more demand of earth office space is very significant. The silver of the Maihadu that is in new York so, Tokyo and area of land home mouth centered a batch of international financial gigantic child.
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