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20 house property of Nanjing are new politics save city to buy room citizen to b
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Estate market encounters " cold winter " . Nanjing municipal government comes on stage formally yesterday " the opinion that stabilizes healthy progress about maintaining estate market " in all 20 policy, li Wanhan enrages threatening building city.
Guo Hong of deputy director general of bureau of Nanjing city house property says surely, publish this estate new politics, want to demonstrate governmental attitude namely, the purpose depends on stabilizing the confidence of the market.
As we have learned, since this year, house of Nanjing city commodity clinchs a deal the volume drops apparently, investment of estate market development, land clinchs a deal, the index of main in advance such as area of new go into operation all appeared to glide apparently, among them area of new go into operation comes to will appear in July this year the negative growth of 20% , land sell one's own things clinchs a deal drop 5 into above.
Guo Hong expresses surely, to current estate market condition, if do not take step, bring about necessarily henceforth unbalance of supply demand relations, bring about the market to appear big cases to fall greatly then, influence real estate stabilizes development for a long time, the harmonious stability that affects national economy directly then develops.
20 when announce yesterday new politics, from " optimize housing to consume an environment " , " optimize investment climate " , " optimize administration to serve an environment " 3 respects, give a strike exhausted weak building city infuse " nutrient " .
New politics give development the company multinomial " profit is good " . Among them a regulation, development business but delay is handed in or in installment cost of the cost of infrastructure form a complete set that pay development involves, people's air defense propose compasses fee, at latest can adjourn to conduction sale before licence. About the personage the analysis thinks, only this one is just like development company to provide 10 thousand yuan thousands of high specified number interest-free loan.
Nanjing city was those who restrain house property business to chaos rises in price and be made pair last year " one room one price " administrative pattern, new politics also give public proclamation cancels, charge price untie a person to develop business to hold directly.
Buy a house to encourage, new politics right also the person that buy a house offers a certain number of privilege, set among them; From this year October rises one day, every buys 90 square metre house of the following commodity (contain secondhand room) , offer house money total the subsidy of 1% ; Every is bought 90 -- the commodity housing under 144 square metre (contain secondhand housing) , offer house money total the subsidy of 0.5% . Allowance partakes by active finance system.
Guo Hong says surely, to the policy that comes on stage this, house property management department carries out close attention the effect, do not eliminate to publish the possibility of further step.
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