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Tall Shanghai of innovation of empty buy rate is about to build office building
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Beijing: Innovation of rate of empty place of market of office building of the 2nd quarter is tall this year

According to the report, intermediate measures the report that couplet issued recently all right to show, market of Beijing office building begins to enter the short-term phase putting delay that brings about by Olympic Games place.

2008 the 2nd quarter, although market of Beijing office building has a part to be rented large-scaly,trade activity, but the half that this quarter market always inducts the quarter on rate inadequacy, always induct a quantity to be 63000 square metre only. 2008 the 2nd quarter, what have 350 thousand square metre about is new increase dimensional throw on the market, the nowadays of of short duration of the activity that rent drops, make clear what its induct a quantity to go low considerably. Add newly supply and induct inferiorly led the empty buy rate that drove market of Beijing office building to reach the culmination since 1999: 19.6% .

Shanghai: "Outside be restricted, make " exist in name only foreign capital is bought first half of the year add 84%

The reporter understood from branch of Shanghai of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei a few days ago, the property that abroad orgnaization investor involves inside Shanghai building city first half of the year trades total amount restrains 1.4 billion dollar, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 84% .

A few main foreign capital of Shanghai building city buy case to have first half of the year this year: Triumphant thunder buys Jinan way with restraining 280 million dollar 8 service type apartment; Korea future asset costs 136 million dollar buy Shang Ming of new scope of operation to reside; Gao Funuo purchases a building of Mount Hua Xia Dou with 169 million dollar; Asia-Pacific buy ground costs 643 million dollar to buy century trade square; Hei Shi group buys 90% equity of macrobian commerce square to wait with 147 million dollar. The foreign capital inside Shanghai building city is bought in the case, trade about what serve type apartment this year grow in quantity, the renting prices of this and apartment of Shanghai service type is steady in have rise to also have definite correlation.

Shanghai: Li Jiacheng is about to build 200 meters tall office building

According to the report, the program program of X3-2 plot has captured the area of commerce of banking of land home mouth that Li Jiacheng takes a year many before batch, this project has the design on foot crossover, the X3-3 plot that connects northerly side (the mansion of finance of peace and tranquility that builds to be in now) reach east the Shanghai center of side. According to X3-2 plot " environmental influence opinion is public show " show, plot of X3-2 of division of trade of banking of land home mouth is developed by limited company of Shanghai grown estate, base gross area is 9298 square metre, construction a building restrains building of 200 meters freeboard layer office high, total floor area is one hundred and eleven thousand eight hundred square metre.
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