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Beijing today wintry dweller heating does not rise in price raw material rises b
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Beijing government decides, today heating of dweller of wintry heating season does not rise in price, rise considerably in the light of price of coal of heat addition raw material and fuel price, by Beijing, area two class finance takes out 2.2 billion yuan to carry out allowance to dweller heating.
This is the Beijing that the reporter holds 16 days from Beijing government 2008, heat addition will arouse Autumn 2009 understand on congress. According to national development and the requirement that reform committee, today Beijing of wintry heating season will go up price of heat addition of tone blame dweller.
Today time of wintry Beijing heat addition still will be on November 15. Unit of each heat addition will begin to ignite in succession from November 7 try move, the temperature that ensures the dweller is indoor on November 15 amounts to mark.
According to Beijing Liu Haijun of chairman of municipal management committee introduces, up to by 2007, area of Beijing heat addition already amounted to 576 million square metre, heat addition is in charge of network facilities to amount to 17000 kilometers. Current, natural gas of raw material of Beijing winter heat addition, fuel plans to had been fulfilled, reserve of heating coal fired achieves 1.9 million tons. Additional, two class government also laid in Beijing, area today coal of wintry heating lash-up many tons 70.
Liu Haijun says on the meeting, should regard winter heat addition as the major issue that resolves the people's livelihood will catch, heat addition energy-saving decrease discharge in prominent place, fulfil stoutly " low protect accuse high " guiding principle. So, today room temperature of dweller of safeguard of key of wintry heating Beijing amounts to mark, strict control gear, bazaar fair build room temperature to exceed bid, reduce heating specific power consumption. Various Party and goverment officials mixes Beijing large fair build continue to execute room temperature control and day of nightly, general holidays to drop in temperature move.
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