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Local government begins to save field of city estate stock market to anticipate
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This week analyst attention spends before 20 highest shares in, bank kind the stock is occupied as before than highest, this week has 9 on a list of names posted up, relatively increase 3 last week; Estate, iron and steel and machinery make kind of stock have 3 respectively on a list of names posted up, all with consistent last week. Hangzhou will publish stimulative estate on October 14 year the policy that the market develops, cover 24 content, strength achieves near future local government most. Up to now, already 18 cities publish good policy of estate market interest. The influence is rolled out to fall in policy, estate market anticipates will improve somewhat.
Close half an year, the sale of estate small blown away by wind had affected local finance and GDP growth. Local government saves municipal plan to come on stage often, the hope drives estate market get warm again after a cold spell. From the point of current policy effect, sell and was not stimulated apparently. So how will prospective market and policy choose? Bohai Sea negotiable securities expresses, mixed 2005 through contrast and analysis adjusted twice of estate market 2008, put in a lot of and similar point. 2005 of the market invert, main reason depends on the camera of administration choosing, local government publishs the relaxation of interest good policy and credit, policy controlled the development of the market.
Shen Yinmo country points out, the purpose that maintains growth is based on in the center of future, move the probability that helps city to increase surely. Of centrally of local government of 4 quarters each district silent below, the policy that helps city will grow in intensity, form and content also will be sent more rich; And future does not eliminate administration be based on the purpose that maintains growth, publish policy to upset estate market. The cash pressure that the government relieves the core of city to will buy unlock of ability, delay to send dealer around what promote a dweller and encourage estate to invest. Include to reduce head pay scale and lower interest covert the capability buying a house that promotes a dweller, pilot cancel limitation of 2 flatlet loan, loosen the loan to developing business stage by stage, to high grade development business undertakes giving aid to, and reduce governmental regulation cost, examine and approve flow to perhaps raise cubage to lead what develop business in order to increase to gain profit moderately space.
Bohai Sea negotiable securities thinks, the possibility that prospective administration publishs policy from investment field alone is lesser, and exciting demand will be what the market needs, also be adjusting control key, but these policy may originate more local government. Draw lessons from the experience that the market adjusted 2005 and current market condition, bohai Sea negotiable securities says, the possibility that big range of prospective estate market depreciates substantially is lesser, more still be sales promotion, it is good that four quarters buy a room to anticipate at before 3 quarters.
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