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House property is exceeding " is deep cold " each district gives aid to building
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Local government is criticized in public opinion lean to one side not should " help city " when, want one divides into two. Get material benefit to can letting the person that buy a house really, let benefit actually promote real-estate industry health to develop with the government, do not violate the policy that comes on stage about legal laws and regulations at the same time, should grant to understand; And sacrifice to hold city in the palm to not hesitate purely of the interest of taxpayer, should grant to object. Nevertheless, in estate this rich weichis in the industry with interest group complex numerous and complicated, the policy with very good jumping-off place of even if government, final result sells at a discount very likely greatly. [relevant read: Special subject: Doesn't local government sit first? ]
Local government publishs the measure that help city but restrospect to this year June, 10 measure that the Chengdu City published to give aid to place develops, include share of income of place of duty of pair of agree of derate of the person that buy a house, individual income tax, local finance offers the subsidy that buy a house directly, foreigner buys a room to enter door etc, calculate come down these policy are in about to allowance of the person that buy a house 10 thousand yuan of above.
If say Chengdu publishs such policy to still can explain be is,be after shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River 100 useless need the special period that begin, next fierce medicine arouse the passion that after development business participates in calamity, rebuilds, so the policy helping city that and other places of Changsha, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Xi'an publishs in succession is direct of market of estate of source result place hand in cast low fan.
Fuzhou and Xiamen adjust requirement of land sell one's own things, the 90 square metre in reducing a program are the following door model specific gravity, among them Fuzhou still puts forward to be able to let land intent purchaser participate in land of initial price make; The the Changsha City will publish policy to say in July, have buy economy if the person buy a house of applicable room qualification buys the commodity house of area of limit range demarcate inside demarcate period, can win 50 thousand yuan of subsidy buying a house to 80 thousand yuan; The policy helping city that Henan province government just publishs is tone firstly low buy " first live oneself " of commodity house head pay proportion (3 arrive into tone 2 into) , raise loan specified amount to spend put pardon fund fixed number of year, 2 it is the commercial bank is inside a year of time that began on September 1, 2008, right executive room of the person that buy a house is borrowed best interest rate, it is to give the person that buy a house to trade certainly thirdly the derate that duty expends.
The policy that Xi'an government publishs is market of activation of to in an attempt to of the person that buy a house with finance allowance: Buy 90 square metre house of the following commodity or 144 square metre are the following and secondhand of housing buy room door, can press house money total 1.5% enjoy governmental finance subsidy; Buy 90 square metre to arrive the person buy a house of house of commodity of 144 square metre, can press total house money 1% enjoy subsidy; Buy housing of commodity of above of 144 square metre to reach secondhand of the room, can press total house money 0.5% enjoy subsidy. In addition, development business still can be enjoyed most the form a complete set of 35 yuan of every square metre expends derate.
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