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Market personage thinks be being adjusted at present still will be prospective b
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The Central Bank announces 15 days, asymmetry reduces a year period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, mix except 5 big beyond postal savings bank in reserve of deposit of RMB of small finance orgnaization is led reduce a percent. Is the new change of financial policy met why to plant to adjusting medium estate market to bring influence?

Market personage thinks, this is helpful for stabilizing building city to anticipate, but won't the adjustment of break down market trend, adjusting will still be prospective building city advocate fundamental key.

Signal is positive, but impossible change market moves way

Since September 16, a year period RMB loan is standard interest rate reduces 0.27 percent, loan of other time class is standard interest rate according to short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time is made adjust accordingly. Of loan interest rate changing last time is last year on December 21, at that time, a year period loan moves 0.18 percent on standard interest rate. And reducing loan interest rate is close come 4 years first. In the meantime, the deposit reserve of small bank is led in reduce a percent, this is almost come 9 years the Central Bank reduces deposit reserve to lead first.

In trade continuously depressed, depreciate the instantly building city of sales promotion as one falls, of Central Bank monetary policy and interest rate policy directional fluctuant conspicuous all the more -- can it bring a favourable turn to building city? Before answering this question, still need what city of clear and current building adjusts to because of,be moved.

Viewpoint of the mainstream inside course of study thinks, the fourth quarter began last year, estate market turns to adjust from rapid growth.

Look from financial environment, the Central Bank raised deposit reserve 10 times to lead last year, divide 5 times again this year raise deposit reserve to lead to the historical perch of 17.5% . The Central Bank was added 6 times last year breath, loan is standard interest rate from 6.12% rise 7.47% . Add breath effect to be at the beginning of this year erupt, remand ahead of schedule the grow in quantity that the room borrows, and bank financing liquidity is tightened up increasingly, the capital that flows into domain of estate development, consumption all decreases.

Look from market element, in last few years growth of house price high speed overdrew the market consumes ability, built up risk, callback of reason of price of external demand house and consumptive ability are again accumulative. The change of market situation also changed the psychology with bullish people to anticipate. Then, the market begins to explore reasonable price, wait-and-see mood gradually great power place inevitable.

Be engaged in the Guangdong that works 30 years related estate saving Sui Sheng of Cai of estate association chairman to say to the reporter, must realise, current estate market is adjusted is the report with economic effective rule, it is the inevitable result that the market moves, policy of macroscopical adjusting control just rose to accelerate effect. As 2006, house price rose 2007 because of,its market is moved like macroscopical economy setting, today's market is adjusted, advocate because be trends of supply demand relations,change and macroscopical economy are adjusted. "The function that policy can rise to quicken only or slow down economy runs, change the way that the market moves impossibly. Change the way that the market moves impossibly..
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