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10 thousand centers: CBD history is humanitarian the 5A office building in the p
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The graph is D of 10 thousand centers the representative communicates meeting site

The graph is building of 10 thousand centers effect graph

On September 25, 10 thousand centers

10 thousand centers are 10 thousand land agent use property admiral brand, will be fountainhead with Beijing, chase a layer to permeate to second line city by strategic city, brand of implementation whole nation is changed manage. And A, B, C after grabbing market of beach office building successfully, d of 10 thousand centers the office building project that regards hold of 10 thousand landed whole as operation, condensed a lot of painstaking effort of 10 thousand a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship, roll out the market with brand-new figure and admirable soft hardware condition, do to receive the fine business of area of central business affairs sufficient preparation.

Course of study of 10 thousand fashionable buy of BeijingThe staff member of limited company introduces, d of 10 thousand centers border A, B, C, be located in CBD core areaRegion, 3 roads and humanitarian park mix center of the street austral inn of the Wai Street that arrive day, east of Shanhaiguan, business affairs shopping mall, aperient triumph is made all around, establishment of communication and establishment of service form a complete set, life recreation form a complete set is all ready. This one area is high-grade office building bristly, assemble the world-renowned enterprise such as HP, GE, 3 water chestnut, Pu Huayong path, atmosphere of international business affairs is full-bodied. 10 thousand centers by Germany Bo Maiya of Europe of famous design firm and Chinese couplet install international to build design firm to be designed jointly, interior uses the design that do not have column, eye shot expanse, dimensional layout is more agile; Partial floor uses freeboard floor to design, more reveal company actual strength; Whole building protruding shows architectural dark with sedate, the standard layer area of 1530.35 M2 suits each type company is entire independent office. For convenient user, air conditioning of train in excess specified length is executed to open time inside office building, zhou Yi comes Zhou Wu from came early at 8 o'clock late at 8 o'clock, saturday from came early at 8 o'clock midday at 12 o'clock. Be worth what carry is, this 10 thousand real estate also are done in respect of green zoology landscape sufficient kongfu. What abide by business affairs and nature adequately is harmonious at the beginning of planning relation, will walk all multi-element such as illume of vegetation of alley, green, night scene and building body build organic tie, offerred elegant environment and rich view for the edifice. 2.5 hectare CBD " the history is humanitarian park " also be D offerred focusing viewpoint.
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