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" of milk powder crisis affects first floor of " estate Nanjing dish buy a room
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"Buy a room to send milk cow " advertisement is in street is very marked. Chen Yu is photographed

"Buy a house, send a milk cow " , nowadays development business is in not only building dish think greatly on the price, accuse even Lou Panan also very thunder very bluff person. Yesterday, the one part of opening of Nanjing new market is huge a house property placard, attracted the eyeball of numerous passerby again.
"Buy a room to send milk cow, still have such thing! ? " yesterday one big early, the reporter receives the phone of a friend to say, he sees in new market opening " a pavilion or house on a terrace of golden hill king " building dish outdoors advertisement, advertisement word is being written " buy a house to send a milk cow " . The friend feels very feel puzzled, it is the house of downtown, does milk cow remand how is the home raised? According to the friend's introduction, the reporter came to this very " marked " below advertisement fascia, the big character that sees the house is bought to send milk cow on billboard only is very marked.
Develop the intent of business for solution, yesterday, the reporter heads for one dug according to the address in advertisement unexpectedly. "A pavilion or house on a terrace of golden hill king " be located in south the city, belong to 2 period the room source of development. Take a selling office, young lady of carry out building rises to reporter introduction, this room is at present in price privilege, many room source is sold with case of 9 convert into money. Young lady of carry out building tells a reporter, oneself just also get relevant announcement in the morning. "Should send milk cow really. " she says, the company has come to an agreement with some farm of Jiang Ning, if the citizen bought a house, send milk cow to give a citizen.
Young lady of carry out building says, "Do not allow to raise milk cow for certain in Nanjing city. Although we build village, also do not have a place to raise milk cow for certain. " actually, let every owner admit namely raise, by the grandma farming be in charge of for you raise, deliver a village fresh milk everyday.
Young lady of carry out building also expresses, although owner does not want milk cow to also have nothing to do with, the company can give some of privilege again on house price. "But specific favourable policy has not come on stage, we also are not very clear. We also are not very clear..
House, milk cow the thing of these two be totally unrelateds, arrived one case because of drag in of milk powder incident however, but such advertisement lets a citizen find everything new and fresh however. One is seeing a building dish the lady expresses, the child of herself just a year old many, be the milk worry that has what sign. "If raise head milk cow really, fixed somebody sends a grandma, also be right choice it seems that. Also be right choice it seems that..
Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study expresses, actually advertisement just considers the distance that pulls what develop business and consumer nearly. Just think, a few citizens raise milk cow to drink a milk really. As we have learned, this ad plan still has an objective. This milk powder incident brings about a of machinator friend that raises milk cow to face dilemma, this plan is kill two birds with one stone, pleased customer already, helped a friend again. The reporter returns discovery, this advertising plan and before long red all over great river north and south " house price won't plunge, just doing push-up " congeneric place of group of a plan is.
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