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City of the building that defeat solution depreciates the round disturbance that
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In continuously the building city of large half an year trades below atrophic setting, as the building dish dozen of farther aggravate that folds agitation, "Return a house " this sensitive word and before the connotation with newer than having again look, in building city " bedding bag " and want to intervene depreciate the form of the popular feeling that buy a house that area worries about to house price continues to drop again is more complex also.

Retreat a room to highlight the person that buy a house and development business contradiction

Several years ago, the person that buy a house and a few credit not between the development business of beautiful because problem of building quality, program is caused,retreat a room to conflict. Now, the city such as Shanghai, Hangzhou appears " collective returns a house " disturbance, because business of development of dissatisfaction of a few old owner is wholesale,be depreciate sales promotion causes their asset shrink, ask to return a house in succession.

The problem that return a house also is perplexing this city to buy room person partly. Citizen Ms. Feng says anxiety-riddenly, oneself spent the commodity house that 12000 yuan high price buys every square metre last year, hear development business depreciates recently the low that sales promotion rolled out 10000 yuan or so, oneself house shrink many yuan 20, want to look for development business to return a house particularly, but there is this kind of clause that return a house in the contract.

In our newspaper and estate of Sohu focus Tianjin the net rolled out recently about " return a house without reason " special subject investigation shows: If house price falls, the informant that has 67% chooses " can return a house " , support " return a house without reason " had been as high as 5 to become. Chinese people bank announced recently findings of questionnaire of depositor of town of whole nation of the 3rd quarter showed 2008: The dweller number that 3 months plan to buy a house holds future of this city dweller than inadequacy 10% , under countrywide average level, and countrywide average level has been been worth for the lowest since 1999. In interviewing, the reporter understands, be in current while this city dweller buys room desire to drop continuously, a few people want to intervene depreciate area buys a room to carry atrium price to continue to drop again. The contradiction that this backside refracts both sides of supply and demand of city giving a floor to hide as at present the adjustment of building city and progressively become acute.

Sincere letter retreats room acceptance to should be written into the contract

Current, this city a lot of development business also follow suit in succession roll out " return a house without reason " activity. But in interviewing, a few citizens express to fear money of will whole house gives after developing business, beautiful affirmatory meeting makes a plan.

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