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Zou Tao: Shenzhen house price 8000 yuan the most appropriate oppose untie a pers
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Before 3 months, zou Tao rolled out group of housing of the first 10 thousand people to buy platform in Shenzhen, the way that wants to buy housing in order to organize a group forces development business to make the price yield, had appeared in Shenzhen building city inflection point when, his act is conspicuous all the more. From initiate two years ago do not buy room campaign, roll out group of housing of 10 thousand people to buy platform to nowadays, this name mixes Zou Tao from beginning to end sensitive housing connection was in one case.
Sign up nowadays the citizen that the group buys had reached 32 thousand person, but controversy also from beginning to end around move this golf things businessman of not attend to one's proper works or duties. Group of 10 thousand people buys housing, the bane that this is development business still helps straw, people view is differ, someone says he is to be civilian profitting hero, also the flunky that somebody scolds him is development business.
Recently, as the whole nation such as Xi'an, Chongqing, Hangzhou the local government of 18 cities rolls out the policy helping city to real estate in succession, the government rescues the action of real estate to have spreading power. To the policy helping city that comes on stage ceaselessly, tolerant attitude was taken in the center of. In building city wait-and-see mood grumous, trade when the acoustical wind unboiled water that drops to help city with estate business rises, initiate do not buy room campaign, operate again " is group of housing of 10 thousand people bought " what point of view does Zou Tao hold to uptodate house price? Can he have to estate market what kind ofly be unscrambled?
Civil / He Tao of reporter of graph our newspaper
Trainee Huang Jianhao
Be in office building of Ou Yidong of Shenzhen collect lake 6 buildings in a simple and easy office, zou Tao of 34 years old is busy ceaseless, average every 3 arrive 5 minutes, his mobile phone can ring, the person that seeks him is not the reporter that the citizen that wants to buy a house thinks to be interviewed about namely.
I did not spend common people one minute money
Guangzhou daily: Are you initiated two years ago what kind of consideration is buying a room to move?
Zou Tao: House price is very high two years ago, I am TV of Shenzhen city number collects fees at that time the delegate of consumer hearing of witnesses of the hearing, I spent time of 16 days to make investigation. When investigate, a lot of common people say to me, house price is too high, ask me to appeal. So I issued the appeal that does not buy a house. I am after wanting to give out this sound, the media that bear the blame and the learned man that have intuitive knowledge come follow-up, governmental science is decision-making, so also achieve a goal.
The target of these two things that actually I become is consistent, be common people live and work in peace and contentment, the person that for the citizen implementation is resided has its house.
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