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Beijing distance business encircles: 4 big market are close 12 smooth rice prope
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A few days ago, regard the Beijing of traditional business street as the road, large quantities of business put in the market with property, in all property of 4 big market, nearly 120 thousand square metre lets in the round. Among them, be located in Beijing road 168 date, total floor area achieved 110 thousand square metre, fixed position to shop for confluence, the element such as recreational, recreation, meal the large and integrated bazaar at an organic whole -- , collect 168 square to begin to enrol business in the round; In addition, be located in Beijing distance business to encircle the city of high-quality goods of international of bright and beautiful source inside, 10 thousand Cheng rub lamp city is in likewise during letting, beijing edifice high-quality goods acts the role of the business that tastes wholesale city to also be aimed at one heart Lu Yijing to remove field door develop action business.

These business spread hire, low agreement 100 multivariate / square metre / month, amount to high 1000 multivariate / square metre / month, price difference is very big. Garrison Beijing to wanting the businessman of the road, these bazaar that letting offerred new chance for them.

Bazaar locates each differ

To a lot of businessmen, especially for the businessman that a few have brand force, guangzhou is the most flourishing one of commercial a section of a highway Beijing road is the place that is about to garrison surely all the time. Although during the management that also has many market is not quite successful, new nevertheless market is joined, still cause the high attention of the market.

In 4 big market, with collecting 168 square most get attention, from its program of dimensions, market and the object that its let look, have the sign of city of the Milky way. Its let data introduction, this purpose covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 20 thousand square metre, total floor area achieved 110 thousand much square metre. Lose, lose 2 to be a supermarket, 1 - 8 are divided wait for many functions area for meal, dress, gem. In addition, of the spot let chief expresses, their let the object basically is to be aimed at domestic and international in high-grade brand.

Except collect 168 outside be omnibus bazaar, the others 3 more be similar to professional market. 10 thousand Cheng rub lamp city includes to lose to three-layer, gross area is controlled in 4800 square metre, enrol businessman boy or girl friend to be given priority to in order to manage businessman of lamp act the role ofing. High-quality goods of edifice of city of high-quality goods of international of bright and beautiful source, Beijing is acted the role of taste wholesale city fixed position to compare likeness, it is with high-quality goods, gift wholesale etc give priority to, the both object that enrol business, it is the business that one heart Lu Yijing removes field of course door.
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