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Shanghai:" Central " is cast - of market of office building of land home mouth w
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Regard a monomer as Lou Yu, after investment of round-the-world banking center is used, the office building area that can provide about 220 thousand square metre. Such supply, whether can you be opposite does the market of first class office building of area of Home Xiaoliu mouth form certain concussion? Intermediate measures Li Ling of director of department of trade of couplet travel Shanghai to tell a reporter, according to their analysis, after investment of round-the-world banking center is used, won't form clear impact to market of office building of land home mouth. "We introduce the past 5 clients, among them bank of a foreign capital and office of attorney of a foreign capital lease the area below near 10000 square metre, decorating at present. " Li Ling discloses, according to the data that owner of round-the-world banking center just discloses, at present rental rate already reached office building 60% the left and right sides, and measure what couplet masters all right to had signed agreement condition to look from intermediate, this number is in probably 40% the left and right sides. Although such, this number enough shows the office building of round-the-world banking center is very popular.

Think investment of round-the-world banking center is used won't pound market of office building of first class of land home mouth, li Ling analysis says, when formal September consign uses round-the-world banking center, the office building area of place remnant has the half of gross to control only, together with owner basically is high-end banking company to wait to the fixed position of tenement, this also formed certain market discrepancy to influence supply. "Current, the hire quote of office building of round-the-world banking center is 16-20 yuan / square metre / day, fixed position special high end. Fixed position special high end..

Although area of mouth of home of land of second half of the year will have project of 4 office building to appear on the market this year, dan Zhong measures couplet to think all right, condition of supply and demand of office building of this area first class is overall tend evenly. Shanghai Central Plains seeks advice from the data that studies the ministry is offerred to show, because demand is exuberant, this city is making work first class office building is rare be short of. This year first half of the year, growth of hire of Shanghai office building is rapid. The exceeding that Pu Xixi is short of space of first class office already raised hire quoted price every square metre everyday 18 yuan, the hire quote of the tall division of century trade square that is bought by Asia-Pacific buy ground recently achieves every square metre even everyday 20 yuan. In market of Pudong office building, the broken bits that added Home Xiaoliu mouth newly first half of the year makes bank large building and center of banking of times of land home mouth, because add supply newly to soar, hire goes up begin to put delay, but annulus comparing still rises 1.2% .
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