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Every make the same score hire of day of center of Shanghai round-the-world bank
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Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking will rise to greet a visitor formally on August 30

Regard a delegate as Shanghai " height " newly mark, edifice of Shanghai round-the-world finance is open to media a few days ago. Center of round-the-world banking of 492 meters of 101 layer, Shanghai is not only on height refresh the record of Shanghai, at the same time with everyday 20 yuan costly hire also defeated every square metre record of high price of hack of Shanghai office building.

In all centers of 101 492 meters layer, high Shanghai round-the-world banking greet a visitor formally at 30 days, the 100 sightseeing hall that is as high as 474 meters and office building will be enabled at the same time. And the top layer that citizen tourist can experience personally at present is the 100th sightseeing hall, be apart from the ground 474 meters.

According to " estate times " report, although office building part still lies beforehand lease, hand in a room formally to want when in November, but at present many intermediary orgnaizations already too impatient to wait hanged the hire of round-the-world banking center, every square metre / the price of the day is in 15 yuan, differ 22 yuan.

End at present, include Mitsui to live spic of friendly, luck wait for day endowment bank, and country the financial company that peaceful fund, friendly nation is sure to wait inside will take the lead in be stationed in. Into 3 companies of domestic that be stationed in, peaceful fund with one action takes the country below 5600 square metre.

As we have learned, the area of Home Xiaoliu mouth that round-the-world banking center is in, high-grade office building is bristly, into halt rate be in mostly 90% above. This among them Jin Mao edifice, Hua Qi is bank large building, medium the silver-colored edifice, shake day large building hire that is a delegate is in 10 yuan / square metre / the office building of day above is maintaining all the time taller into halt rate. The hire of round-the-world banking center exceeds Jin Mao edifice 18 yuan / square metre / the level of the day, rank Shanghai first place.

Every make the same score hire of day of center of Shanghai round-the-world banking rice achieves Shanghai 20 yuan highest by Shanghai office building the net offers avoid duty statement:
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