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Dai Deliang goes: Hire of Asian office building will answer firm - after long-te
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Firm of international estate adviser wears De Liang to go (DTZ) studies the branch releases a report to point out, asia-Pacific area hire will be answered after growing for a long time firm.

Report of the 2nd quarter pointed out this company 2008, in Singapore, hire of office building of sex of a few index leads the 2nd quarter to drop, second half of the year will have more office building this year new supply increase, the rent that violent wind raises may be restrained. Area of the annulus in island of Hong Kong harbor has approached saturation, market key will appear in blame core area. Future is not the hire of core area to will grow with rapidder rate.

Beijing and Shanghai are many new office building is finishing, the empty buy of Beijing leads ascendant performance gentle, mix newly the difference between hire of old office building project expands further. Empty buy leads Shanghai office building to rise substantially by the quarter 3.5% , future 6 months are new lunar office building project will be pushed further enter the space buy leads a level.

The empty buy of Sydney and Melbourne leads the level that still is in lowest, nevertheless market activity puts delay and office building to supply increase, control rent possibly rise. Below the case that puts delay in global economy growth, xin Deli and Bombay and Banjialuoer postponed outspread plan, hire of the 2nd quarter did not appear substantially rise.

In addition, return a report to say according to this company, half an year of future of market of rental of class A office building is forecasted in the center, the Asia-Pacific area city with bullish hire includes Oakland, Banjialuoer, Bangkok, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xin Deli, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Melbourne, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Tianjin, Tokyo. The city of be expected to fall is Beijing. Unbiased city has Hong Kong, kuala lumpur, Bombay, Singapore, Sydney.

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