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Hire of property of Beijing large market reduces empty buy to lead ascendant 10%
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Yesterday, the report of market of property of high grade first half of the year 2008 commerce that be an official of manage of the Kingdom of Wei of nation of age of company of international property adviser issues shows, this year first half of the year, encircle practice as the burgeoning business such as Beijing of in view of a few market, Xizhimen, the to the limit of one's capacity of commercial establishment is devoted, pull low the hire level of Beijing business market. This year the 2nd quarter, beijing area is high-grade shopping centers is average first hire is everyday every square metre 28.2 yuan, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year dropped 1.1% .

Rose last year, each business land agent, shopkeeper begins in sight Beijing, inferior abstruse, the set up shop of ground of burgeoning area circle such as new market opening. As square this year in April constant the practice of bazaar of shopping centers, Wang Jingxin, the addition that commerce supplies, pull directly low the hire level of area. As we have learned, first hire is Fang Heng shopping centers probably everyday every square metre 15 yuan, current, first average rent is whole area visitting capital everyday every square metre 21.4 yuan, dropped compared to the same period 5% .

Because burgeoning trade group suffers the element effect such as a sector of an area, business spreads hire to wait for traditional trade group under well of government office of Xidan, king apparently, the astral neighbor shopping centers that if group of trade of new market opening still is in,enrols business, 10 thousand special shopping centers, its first hire is in everyday every square metre is controlled 10 yuan, the Xidan business near its is encircled, average rent is close 30 yuan.

The traditional business such as well of king government office, CBD encircles market hire to maintaining steady growth all the time, if well of king government office suffers the bazaar such as Xin Dongan market to upgrade,transform an influence, hire rose 20% , CBD area also grew 7% . But traditional Xidan business encircles the 2nd quarter average rent appears to glide apparently, its first average rent is 27.2 yuan, dropped compared to the same period 18% . Chief expresses related be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei, this basically is to suffer the effect with inferior level of hire of initial stage of start business of Xidan exultation town, as the promotion that bazaar outstanding achievement, person enrages, prospective hire can have bigger rise space. The reporter understands, xidan exultation city is mean hire already rose from 20 yuan of practice initial stage reach 30 yuan of present.

Actually, the practice of large first half of the year this year market is far the anticipation under the market. Qin Xiaomei of trustee of branch of Beijing of be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei tells a reporter, there should be the commercial property start business of 2 million square metre first half of the year this year, and now of practice have 500 thousand square metre only, in the property of commerce of 1.88 million square metre that plans start business of second half of the year, have an in part likelihood remit to next year. She points out, if plan new-blown bazaar is new 3 lis of collect be located in high end surely mostly, hire is taller, make a lot of shopkeeper very difficult bear, it is more difficult to cause a lot of bazaars to let, usually, business spreads hire beforehand rate when achieving 70%-80% , bazaar just is met normal practice. Additional, be opposite since this year the construction, limitation that decorate also is a main factor.
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