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Burgeoning business of ascendant Shanghai of off-season not weak hire encircles
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67 month all through the ages is building city off-season, business spreads the market to differ with in former years however this year, business shop demand is exuberant all the more. Besides traditional trade group, a lot of businessmen choose 5 horn field, big peace to wait in succession in recent years burgeoning and the shopping centre region that have " pitch a camp " .

The personage inside course of study expresses, enter as more and more businessmen be stationed in Shanghai, the requirement that high grade business extends increases ceaselessly, especially the prospective prices that burgeoning and large trade encircles will be persisted value.

Rent: Hire bullish, lease is stable

Key attention: The burgeoning business such as macrobian road, 5 horn field is encircled

Since June, the demand of market of Shanghai business shop increases apparent. Business of property of the couplet that occupy the United States spreads ministry data to show, annulus of client of shop of business of demand of near future Shanghai is compared increased 20% , than last year the corresponding period increased 50% . Client choice area is encircled besides 3 big main business (namely road of sea route of the Huaihe River, Nanjing and Xu Jiahui) outside, if field of macrobian road, 5 horn, big peace reachs Pudong,still burgeoning business is encircled business of 0 hill distance encircles gymnasium of 8 hundred companion, Shanghai etc, business shop clinchs a deal the quantity is compared the first ten days of a month will increase in June nearly 10% , increased last year compared to the same period nearly 20% , business shop market is active and off-season not weak.

Will take June see a quantity also show ascendant trend, before the belt of individual clerk sees an amount is 10 / month, from June the last ten-day of a month begins to take see a quantity increase generally / month, increased nearly 50% , what need business shop front to accumulate much with 80 - 200 square metre are given priority to, lease chooses generally to be in 5 years above.

Li Zhixian of vise general manager of beautiful couplet property expresses, retail owner of a lot of abroad enters outback market or dilate with the form of set up shop in succession, main reason is the interest space after valueing a RMB to appreciate, because demand increases ceaselessly, to secondhand for business store owner, hire impetus of future still is worth to expect.

Buying and selling: All price is stable, to the limit of one's capacity increases

Key attention: Feng Xian, fine calm substandard outskirt annulus area

Business will extend property to the limit of one's capacity June as before beyond outskirt annulus is given priority to, business shop supplies core to did not add an item newly almost. According to Central Plains research seeks advice from a newest data to show, add business newly in June to use property 32, add up to three hundred and thirty-seven thousand nine hundred square metre (5249) , increase sharply of the month on comparing of area, a cycle of songs in a traditional opera 110% , 384% .
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