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One paper examination changes luxurious villa to believe in relief villa group i
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Henan believes bureau of in relief land " history on official of the most arrogant class of mid district office is villatic group " experience network heat is discussed, after classics media reports, also take seriously what of course ground got place concerns a section highly, make to relevant personnel at 12 days instruct draw up the punish such as warning of examination, administration. (" great river newspaper " on July 13)

A course weighs heavy break out of an encirclement to just explode by good luck the scandal of local official circles that go out, even if goodish processing comes to the public explain as a result,always should have.

But in former days because of " pussyfoot makes " with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning and the Henan letter of famed whole nation is open, second processing is here so-called " official of class of mid district office is the most arrogant villatic group " in incident, the processing that very few number goes decides not to make a person satisfactory really.

A how cheap buying and selling is this? With director comrade one has nothing to do the difficulties, official that do not have experience administrative warning, add ten when experience case punishs class officer more than times 10 alleged " deep examination " , can change everybody the lawful sex with 200 luxurious and villatic square metre is had. Of course, still have look be like most serious, be treated as to weigh a pound to handle one of decisions " fill to should make house money together " . The author does not know these experience case officers had been handed in neat that exceeds small house value according to 200 thousand yuan when cost accounting comes out, in if will be handled for the moment,deciding " fill neat " , regard 200 thousand yuan of the rest besides as partial word, that this " should make house money " by what standard should calculate?

Explode in net post go out most begin a few days, netizen a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is refuted alleged " value 2 million yuan " say to be not worth a letter, because believe price of highest house of in relief place also with respect to 3000 every square metre. And investigate according to the reporter, the house of a commodity of villatic near neighbour, every square metre 2800 yuan of ~ 3600 yuan. Alone villa cannot be the same as day with general goods room of course and language, although press every square metre 3600 yuan standard business accounting, of a villa should capture house money also needs more than yuan 70. Still have those flowers gigantic endowment view and admire redemptively from the other place stone and " every want 10 thousand multivariate " scenery tree, it is house-owner pays oneself, be still the government buys sheet?

Odd " instruct fill neat " , let a person be care of these a surname of experience case officer with respect to enough: According to this the cheapest business accounting, they also must be handed in inside short time tens of year the summation of legal wage. This can have two to plant likelihood: Or is impoverished do not hand in give money to come, let handle decision form to be the same as empty buy; Or is exactly the amount hand over, the fund of a huge sum that then allows a person to oppugn these service personnel from why and come. Although land system treatment is good, but unapt also liberal so. Ha, will this be how a barpque paradox?
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