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Wen Zhifeng: Let the office tenants "selecting the best"
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In Puxi, Wheelock Square office have played a green card. What: In this regard, Sun Hung Kai And how about the features? Wen Zhifeng: For the green-oriented companies and institutions, Shanghai ICC is no doubt that the city office of choice. It is awarded the U.S. Green Committee Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold pre-certified office buildings in the certificate. Shanghai ICC implementing the Group's long-term commitment to green, from design to construction are actively developing and using international advanced environmental control and energy saving design, making each area are walking in the cutting edge of environmental protection, adequate business environment to meet the tenants on the green stringent requirements. Oriental Morning Post: Shanghai IFC, Shanghai ICC if there will be two major projects within the same time between market competition? Wen Zhifeng: IFC is currently quoted at 10-12 External yuan / square meter / day, mainly tenant-based financial companies. Central Square Trade also with the current rental offer 10-12 yuan / square meter / day, tenants law firms, multinational conglomerates, fast moving consumer goods enterprises. Pudong and Puxi different types of tenants, there is no competition between the two. Customers to choose where to have their own preferences. But rather, just the two projects into the market while simultaneously appeal to different tenants. Oriental Morning Post: Shanghai ICC Trade Square, Central, Hong Kong and what kind of heritage? Wen Zhifeng: Group of adhering to the top high-end office buildings over the years the development of solid strength, and carefully built the mainland for the first ICC brand giant Shanghai ICC. Fully aware of domestic and foreign business elite company of high quality business location needs and expectations, from construction quality to facilities are crafted to make Shanghai ICC office to meet the world's leading business site selection criteria. As a Hong Kong property developers, Sun Hung Kai Properties in Hong Kong and international standards in terms of the project a success. ICC project in Hong Kong, for example, in the 2008 financial crisis, many international-class background and the contraction of large enterprise environment, office space, ICC project to create a myth of the performance of pre-leasing the building has not yet structure needed to achieve some pre-open floor The "grab rent" situation, so the successful experience of the ICC is also being Shanghai Trade Square, Central, upon renewal.