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The property market is still bullish after the New Deal
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"Restriction order", "property taxes" "real estate sale financial regulatory system" and the introduction of a series of policies, sound of a falling property market. Have been afraid to buy their own loss of buyers; no money has been reluctant buyers hand shot; developers get to were not enthusiastic, not interested in opening; investors are leaving their seats; "just be family" needs to be suppressed ... ... deserted the real estate market slump. People shouted: "real estate in the winter to much earlier than before." In fact, we do not have to worry too much. Throughout the history of the property market at home and abroad, we can easily find housing prices is a "law" fell just a "accident." In the context of regulation, both have been prepared buyers or buyers, are not to be short-term "accident" intimidated. Online survey, nearly 六成 users believe that real estate's golden age has passed, but interestingly, 34.1% of people say "you tend to kind of investment," the question still choose to "real estate" ... ... Since the New Deal reasons, the property market earlier ushered in the "winter." Although both exhibitions will be, but both the flow of people or developers, are quite different. However, in Beijing, in addition to several "led the" real estate now appears, "led by", the majority of prices are still strong, this also means, "not bad money," the developers can survive this cold winter? Long will become the normal regulation of prices is still up space City real estate market has always been the policy, China's real estate regulation has been dubbed "Nine years of adjustment." Indeed, from 1998 until now, the result of 12 years of regulation, we can easily see how in the end it kind of trend. Up control, irritating twice, once in 1998, once again in 2008 because the entire global financial and economic crisis of our time up, the only two up. All the other down, about seven or eight of them ten years to keep it can be seen, each wave has more than a year. Therefore, we have to look at an ordinary real estate regulation. However, while real estate regulation is the norm, but certainly we know that the long-term real estate development, the National Federation of Chamber of Commerce 聂梅生 that real estate, real estate will surely increase in range of 5 to 15 years. This is the focus of Nie Sohu held by the president of the "serious political seminar under the purchase and investment," the said. Nie President reminded to consider how the real estate business transition issues. She offers two options for everyone: the first transition to the new industry. Driving the transformation is the driving force of China's economic transformation, it should be to the green, low carbon, environmentally friendly transition. Second, the transition of affordable housing. Formal announcement of the public rental policy to attract social investment in the future this share is great, but short of money. New Deal, or will result in "two lean" "Real estate regulation may result in the two lean, one is in the first half of raw materials, fuel and power prices rose 10.8%, labor costs rose 9.7%, but the sales price index CPI rose only 2.6%. Industrial PPI rose only 6% , indicating that the production decline in corporate profits, the real economy is deteriorating living environment, so that the power industry restructuring is not enough, in this case should not be continued pressure on the property, so as to avoid the real economy growing numbers. only real difference in the effectiveness of new industries and attract After employment, real estate, exit is possible, it will not cause a temporary shortage in the industrial transformation. "In addition, housing is affordable housing and the growing numbers. The Government should first protect the house done. There was a time, using low-end housing policy to solve the problem of affordable housing, which the economic and social security with the strength of a relationship. But now it appears, with the housing there is a security room to solve the problem. Therefore, it is possible we can not afford both commodities to protect the business has never made the situation room. " This is also the president is worried about Nie control after consequences. Real estate investment than any investment Kaopu Today, more and more Chinese people are good at financial management. For ordinary people, no more than several financial investment: real estate, stocks, gold ... ... the practice of proof from the stock market so that the rich become poor, become rich and the poor real estate market, as long as the teeth and stomping to scrape together a down payment, a few years will be added later. Director of Real Estate Research Center, Beijing Normal University, Professor Dong Fan believes that real estate investment must be done, but now the situation had to go abroad to do. Among these, there are still a lot of skills and experience. The first institution to find trusted to do the second channel the funds should be smooth, and the third should be the standard tax information. Professor Dong "strict political seminar under the purchase and investment," the scene, introduces a lot of experience in overseas investment, and in some countries, such as Australia. First of all, the country's sustained economic growth, the growth rate in all developed countries is the highest. Second, Australia has a large number of immigrants. Third, the immigration people in the past, because culture not accustomed to looking for work may be restricted, but they tend to have children, a large number of subsidized children. Furthermore, this place is very rich in resources, resource known two thousand years Huabu Wan, so economic development is sustainable, market potential is very great.