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South the city
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Place city: Power sea
What belong to area: South the city
Building address: In Song Jia depression village has one storehouse on the west! 300 square bungalow 6 mus of courtyard are rental! Price range is discussed
Public transportation course: 1 101 89 118 110. .119.123.36. Can pass! Site accessory
House map: Those who see you care place house is specific a sector of an area of power sea map, doubleclick visit please, with - " city - " what road; With respect to the map place that can find a room.
Building type: Storehouse, , ,
Building construction: Other construction, other construction
Seat floor:
Building area: - square metre
Decorate a circumstance: Arming is repaired, accept intermediary company free intermediary
Building form a complete set:  
Valence  case: 1- yuan / month
Contact phone: 13306318068
Contact EMAIL, QQ:
Contact full name: : Illuminate Ren?
Information issue date: In June 2
Information expires time: Inside a year effective
Other specification: In depression village of home of the Song Dynasty on the west! Gas station on the west courtyard! 300 make the same score rice 16 principal rooms and 6 mus of courtyard! Suit to do storehouse to use! Price range is discussed! Intended person contact with 13306318068 Mr Xu please!