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Place city: Power sea
What belong to area: Downtown
Building address: 22
Public transportation course: 12W.7W.3W. . . . .
House map: Those who see you care place house is specific a sector of an area of power sea map, doubleclick visit please, with - " city - " what road; With respect to the map place that can find a room.
Building type: Tea building, 2003 build, chao Na, have 3 card
Building construction: Whole floor,
Seat floor:
Building area: 100- square metre
Decorate a circumstance: High-grade decorate, accept heaven life intermediary
Building form a complete set: Air conditioning, door of guard against theft, independent kitchen, independent toilet, desk, chair, connect water and electricity, broadband net, phone, garage /
Valence  case: 0- yuan / month
Contact phone: 13153572105
Contact EMAIL, QQ: 756277202
Contact full name: : Bi Ren?
Information issue date: In August 8
Information expires time: Inside 3 months effective
Other specification: Sharp power sea one in hind already decorated tea building. Two fall on 100 the left and right sides that make the same score rice. Establishment is whole. Have full automatic mahjong machine 3. Air conditioning 4. Freezer. Glacial ark. . . . Etc. Take over can gain. Because of occupied and sharp.13153572105(Mr Liu) price range is discussed. Blame sincere not 撹 .